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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Marvel Studious rejoices its fans again; this is the second part of the movie, which continues to tell the viewer about the adventures of Guardians of the Galaxy. They are ready to fight with any enemy, now they are working for hire and need to protect the batteries from the monster; in return they will receive the sister of Gamora - Nebula. Having coped with the task, and receiving a reward, they go further, but no one suspected that Rocket Raccoon will steal five valuable batteries. Now somebody hunts them, hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles are attacking the Guardians of the Galaxy, but an unknown person comes to their aid. Guardians of the Galaxy received small damage to the ship and forced to land, and it turns out that the unknown savior was the Ego; he is the father of Peter Quill (Star lord). Guardians of the Galaxy is grateful to the Ego for their salvation, they find themselves on the planet of the Ego, the human image he created for himself to look for other beings in the universe. Soon Peter learns about his father's plans - he wants to capture the entire universe and transform all the planets. The Guardians of the Galaxy understand the full danger, and Rocket makes a real bomb out of five stolen batteries, he needs to get to the core of the planet Ego and destroy it. To divert attention from Rocket, Peter and Yondu will fight with Ego. To save the universe, they are ready to do anything, but what will be the price of victory? The second part of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 liked the majority of viewers, a lot of positive feedback and ratings. We want to recall that on April 17, 2017, was announced the third part of the fascinating movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, in which we will again meet with our favorite heroes: Peter Quill (Star Lord), a mercenary Gamora, a merry Rocket Raccoon, a small tree Groot, and big man Drax.

Rampage (2018)

The movie tells the story of Davis Okoye. He is a primatologist, who likes to communicate with animals than with people. His favorite is George - the smart gorilla that Davis saved when she was two years old, he's been taking care of George all his life, and they’ve become true friends. An unsuccessful genetic experiment began to create huge killers from animals; all of them underwent genetic changes. A nine-meter wolf, a giant crocodile, and other animals begin to destroy Chicago; Government should to urgently evacuate people. Davis Okoye and Dr. Kate Caldwell together will try to save the city, and develop an antidote, because these animals can destroy not only Chicago, but the whole country...

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (2017)

Harry Hart is a secret agent, a true professional who can to sacrifice his life to save the world. A year ago, he managed to overcome the enemy, but soon he'll have to go through many new challenges. The last head office of the secret service 'Kingsman' was destroyed by unknown people, the world was in danger and only a few men, who managed to survive, are ready to again engage in battle with the enemy.

Galahad and Merlin learned that along with the Kingsman service, was created another secret American organization - 'Statesman'. Two countries must unite the efforts of secret services, whose agents must become a real team to defeat a new enemy. They don't have time, because the enemies are beginning to embody a cunning plan to conquer the world...

Disobedience (2017)

Many years later, Ronit Krushka returns to her home to mourn the death of her father. The return of Ronit aroused interest among her relatives and a heated discussion, because she was banished for a transgression. Former feelings are revived between Esti and Ronit, and this can cause negative consequences. Esti tried to become a respectable wife, but Ronit couldn't stop thinking about her true love...

Alita: Battle Angel (2018)

Dr. Dyson Ido finds the remains of a cyborg. He is trying to create a new body for her and give her a new life. After long days of work, he managed to restore the cyborg, but she doesn't remember anything from her past life. Alita has a perfect command of martial arts, and now she wants to know her origin and purpose...

Most people think our world is the only one existing. We go to work, rest with our families, go to barbecue and try to manage things, without knowing that there exist another one, fictional world alongside with ours. Everything happens the other way there. If we get the keys to this world, we would see animals endowed with reason and people who can do magic. Someone will think this world is unreal and fictional, and someone will believe it exists and nothing is impossible. But who is right? Everybody is. The truth is what we believe in.

If you believe in existing of fantastic world it will exist for you, but if not ... then it does not matter because you can always fall far into it. You will not have to graduate from a school of magic or improve your imagination - just watch fantasy movies on our site. We have a huge collection of movies in high quality for true fantasy lovers on Fantastic world may seem very dangerous and frightening for the first sight but there is nothing like that in fact. On the contrary, it is full of puzzles which you want to crack as quickly as possible. Fantasy movies never contain biographical and historical elements being a pure fiction. Nobody ever saw flying people and talking dragons. But on the other hand we do not want to limit our existence by monotonous world. So get beyond the boundaries. It is very easy. Just choose a fantasy movie on our site, then run out to the store for popcorn or cook some delicious at home. The pleasure of watching will be ensured!

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