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The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)

On Christmas Eve, the young girl Clara gets the key to the box; it's a gift from her late mother. From this moment begins her adventure in four realms: Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers, Land of Sweets and the fourth realm, run by tyrant Mother Ginger. She faces many dangers: an army of mice headed by Mouse King and regents. Her dangerous adventure begins! Clara must return harmony to the unstable world.

Baywatch (2017)

For some people, the beach is a rest, but for the rescue team it's a job, every day they stand guard and train. This story tells us about the rescue team, Mitch Buchannon, in his entire career, he saved more than 500 people, and now, together with his team, is trying to investigate the drug case. In one day, on one of the beaches of the Pacific, they find a package of drugs, giving them to the police; they understand that someone is engaged in drug trafficking nearby. Recently, a wealthy lady named Victoria Leeds bought a house along with the beach, Mitch suspects that drugs can be associated with her, but he need some proof. A young guy who was able to win two gold medals in swimming, came to work as a rescuer, Matt Brody believes that he doesn't need any tests, and he can save people from drowning. Mitch announces the set in the team and together with Matt will compete two more guys. To save his team from dismissal and end the drug trade, Mitch and Matt attend the Victoria's party, now they need to prove her involvement in drugs and put her in jail.

Avengers 3: Infinity War (2018)

Every day the Avengers team is on guard of order, the city is under reliable protection, and there is no madman around the world who would like to fight the Avengers. But the threat comes from the cosmos - Thanos, a wandering titan with incredible power, he wants to collect six Infinity Stones to conquer not only our planet Earth, but the entire Universe. Infinity Stones - six stones of immense power, their holder will become almighty, but the Avengers will do everything possible to prevent Stones from appearing on the Infinity Gauntlet. Perhaps the Avengers will need help in this infinity war, only the bravest warriors can fight with Thanos, please welcome Guardian of the Galaxy team!

Doctor Strange (2016)

Dr. Stephen Strange lives and works in New York, he is a neurosurgeon, who over the years of work saved more than a thousand human lives, but one evening will change his life forever. Doctor Strange lost control of his car and gets into a terrible accident that ended the career of neurosurgeon. To heal himself, he goes to Kamar-Taj, where he discovers new secrets of the world, the universe, space and time. He is ready to undergo difficult training and become a real protector of humanity; he'll again save people, but not only with the help of neurosurgery...

Venom (2018)

The movie tells the story of a talented journalist named Eddie Brock. Recently, his calm and happy life was destroyed, he was diagnosed with cancer, and he was fired from his job, in this he blames Spider-Man. Eddie Brock had thoughts about suicide, he was so angry that he attracted a powerful alien symbiote. Getting inside Eddie Brock, he endowed him with incredible power, now an ordinary journalist calls himself Venom...

All the lovers of modern cinematography are divided into 2 camps – which like history movies and are ready to watch them at any time, both alone and with a company, while others do not like this genre of movies thinking that history should remain only history. One common thing is that everyone can always find a huge amount of movies of different genres on the 7putlocker.com site. We regularly update the existing movie database providing free online access to all of them. A lot of attention is paid to history movies, which are quite popular.

History movies describe the events of the past. Most of them took place in real life and some moments are fictional and their main goal is to show the events of past years more colorful and interesting. If you show the 100% true history it can be not very interesting for the audience from the very beginning. But then again history events should be the main part of every history movie and it's not enough just to fill it with special effects and action. That's why every movie director faces a difficult task - to balance history and reality. And many succeed in it. Choosing one of the history movies on our site is enough to believe it. Excellent color rendition, high quality of video, excellent voice acting and professional acting of actors allow you to touch the world history. Some characters of such movies are fictional and are used only to create additional drama. Is that allowed? Why not! The events shown in such movies take us several centuries back. Nobody knows how it was so long time ago for sure.

Decorations and the most beautiful costumes are used in movie making which is also important and provides an understanding what the main characters were wearing, what they were thinking about, how they lived, what was the most important for them, and what they did not pay attention to at all. These movies help not only to touch the unknown, but also to increase the level of knowledge. Though funny moments happen in history movies quite often, and this is true for history movies shot in Hollywood. For example one of such movies tells about 15th century and the main character shoots the offenders from the shotgun. And this also happens. But still the main thing is unchanged - you can see the best history movies at our site.