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Under the Silver Lake (2018)

The young guy Sam met the neighbor Sarah, they agreed to meet the next day, but in the morning, Sam saw that his neighbor's apartment was empty. Maybe she left? But, what is that mysterious sign on the wall? Maybe it's a clue or a cipher, and she wants to be found? Sam becomes a real detective, and is looking for clues everywhere, from Silver Lake to Hollywood Hills...

Deadpool (2016)

A young man Wade Wilson worked in Special Forces, one day he met a girl Vanessa, they fell in love and one year later he proposed to her. A happy life awaited them ahead, but Wade loses consciousness, and soon he is diagnosed with cancer. All plans for life have collapsed... Once, in a bar, he meets a representative of a secret and experimental program for cancer treatment, which proposes Wade tries to cure cancer. In the laboratory, mutant Ajax introduces Wade serum, which changes the human DNA, to activate this serum you need adrenaline. Wade didn't realize that the goal of the program was not a treatment, but a human mutation, and soon he realized that he was mutating. Now his body is capable of regeneration, cancer cells don't have time to spread through his body, and he becomes practically invulnerable. Wade's face and body has changed beyond recognition, he decides to find Ajax to regain his former appearance and takes the name Deadpool: he dressed a suit, a mask and stores himself with a weapon. A lot of armed opponents are on the way to Ajax, but Deadpool successfully copes with them, getting to know Colossus and Ellie Phimister, who are members of the X-Men team. Deadpool know that Vanessa was abducted by Ajax, and to save his love he will have to fight with an equal in strength opponent. The team of superheroes is ready to do everything to defeat evil, and thanks to Deadpool's black humor, this is much easier.

The Strangers 2: Prey at Night (2018)

Based on real events, a horror movie titled The Strangers 2: Prey at Night, directed by Johannes Roberts, tells the story about young family. They have some financial difficulties and they decide to leave their home and start living in the trailer. Stopping near a deserted road for the night, they fall prey to three psychopaths in masks. They need to fight for their lives and rebuff the ruthless killers.

The Lion King (2019)

CGI and live-action re-imagining of the 1994 Disney classic.

Replicas (2018)

A genius scientist, biologist Will Foster lost his entire family in a car accident. He can’t put up with the loss of his loved ones and is ready to do anything to bring them back to his life. Having crossed all laws of the state and nature, he decides to clone his wife and child, practically he resurrected them. But the state doesn't allow doing such experiments, and for that there are reasons, because everything can get out of control...

If you are a very calm and balanced person in real life but need adrenaline rush sometimes you should definitely watch the best horror movies on our website online. They can really hit a nerve but not endanger you. The hallmark of horror movies on our site is good quality. They also are full of special effects which are to watch in good quality only.

Many other websites take an extra charge for watching movies online but 7putlocker.com provides users with the best movies in good quality absolutely free of charge. Something happens every moment in horror movies keeping the audience in suspense. Sadistic and violent elements are so natural here as humor in comedies. That's why horror movies are recommended for adults who reached the age of 18 in order to spare the children's fragile trust.

Interesting and unexpected plot twists and fears for the safety of the main characters keep it interesting for the viewer. The main hero seems to win already dealing with all his enemies but suddenly the viewer sees him bleeding without important parts of the body. Do not be afraid of the moments when the movie's heroes are cut into pieces and use other elements of violence, because 3D technology is used to create these movies. In fact no actor has a scratch on him during movie production. And yet horror movies are not intended for everyone. But if you decide to enjoy watching one of the horror movies - we invite you to visit our site! You will find a huge variety of such movies here. They can be reviewed an endless number of times, and it still will not be enough. Well, if scenes of eating people and violent deaths are not for you - it's not a problem. You can find another genre of movie that is more benign and peaceful than horror movies.

The struggle between good and evil is the heart of the story as in any other movies. One or two positive characters fight against evil and bloodthirsty character. Some of them do not get to the end dying in strange circumstances. Some of them get away with it and the evil rarely wins. Though it happens, that maniacs and evil forces still find ways to kill the main character.