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American Made (2017)

This movie tells the story about a pilot named Barry Seal, when he was a child, he immediately chose a profession and knew that he would become a pilot. After graduating from the aviation school, he began to work as a pilot, this is the youngest pilot in the whole company, he can fly the plane Boeing 747, but Barry was quick-tempered and unbearable, he disputes with his superiors, and later he was fired. Good pilots never left without work, and to get rich, he starts working with a large Colombian drug cartel. The Medellin cartel was led by Pablo Escobar, the most famous and large drug lord in history. The purpose of Barry was simple - you need to take drugs in Colombia and send them to other parts of the world, earnings were unrealistic. After a while, Barry had so much money that he didn't know where to put them and hide them, for this purpose he specifically opened banks in his city to send his money there. But he could not be unnoticed for long; the CIA became interested in his person, and offered him cooperation. Barry was supposed to deliver soldiers from other countries to the training base, because soon these soldiers had to put things in order in their country. But out of this desperate situation, Barry found a way out, now he works with the CIA and the drug cartel, but can he go unpunished? The movie AMERICAN MADE is a real story of a man named Adler Berriman, this is a biography movie that keeps the viewer in suspense and in some moments this movie is a good comedy.

Action Point (2018)

D.C. decides to change the concept of his amusement park — Action Point. This unpopular and unknown place he decides to reconstruct on the principle: minimum safety — maximum fun. A lot of people who don't worry about their health and aren't afraid to get injured, go to a new park in search of new sensation.

The Dark Tower (2017)

A boy named Jake Chambers had an ordinary life, but recently he began to see strange dreams: The Dark Tower, the Gunslinger and the Man in Black. Every night he sees them in a dream, waking up, he begins to draw his dreams on paper. Psychologists are concerned about the boy's condition, and want to send him for treatment, but Jake knows: otherworldly worlds exist. Having seen the real house from his visions, he decides to go into it and discovers a portal to another world. On an unknown land, he meets Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger, who has been trying to kill Walter Padick, known as Man in Black, for a long time. A powerful sorcerer wants to destroy the mythical Dark Tower, the center of creation, which protecting our universe from darkness and destruction.

Captain America 3: Civil War (2016)

The main goal of the Avengers team is to save and protect people; they never gave up and tried to save as many human lives as possible. They are a team of superheroes with incredible abilities, but in the government think, that they destroy whole cities, and we don't need their help.

Captain America is trying to protect his friend Winter Soldier from the government and from Iron Man. Half of the Avengers team work with the government, others are destroying everything and everyone on their way, a war begins between one team.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

This film is based on real events, which faced Peggy Hodgson and her little daughter Janet. In their house, they believe, has settled an evil spirit, every day they live in fear and are forced to seek help from the paranormal investigators. Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren spent their entire lives studying paranormal phenomena; the case of the Hodgson family interested them. They go to London suburb of Enfield, and find out that there is an evil spirit in the house that communicates through Janet. After listening to the record, Ed and Lorraine realize that they are communicating with the spirit of a man named Bill Wilkins, he was 72, but maybe he doesn't want to harm this family, and he is controlled by another, more terrible and powerful spirit?

The modern cinematography tries to please the grateful audience with a huge number of interesting new movies every year. The 2016 was not an exception. New movies of different genres were produced not in months, but in weeks, and many of them are already available on site in the best quality. One can watch these movies endlessly, but even if you watch them only once, you are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure.

The premiere of the legendary "Warcraft" became one of the most expected in 2016, and according to the reviews of movie critics the sequel turned out to be a success. If you are crazy about movies where one superhero fights evil and bad guys, then the movies of 2016 will be definitely to your taste. "Batman v Superman", "Deadpool" and the continuation of "X-Men: Apocalypse" were released just that year. And these are only several movies of this genre. They are filled with not only bright special effects but also a very intricate plot. If you like movies based on true events and telling about the life of legendary personalities, you should definitely watch the novelty of 2016 - "The Duel of the Brothers. The history of “Adidas” and “Puma”, which will take you to the beginning of the 20-ies. The movie tells about two brothers who founded their own shoe empire together, but after the World War they decided to work separately. They founded the factories Adidas and Puma, in fact, dividing Germany into admirers of the products of two brands, the confrontation of which continues to this day.

Drama and comedy fans will also find interesting movies. And even if you are a lover of horror movies, you absolutely do not have to go back to the middle of 90th years of the last century to download one of the cult movies ("Don't Hang Up" for example). It may seem surprising, but 10-15 years ago people had to waste hours to find and download a favorite movie in Internet. Today you should just visit to find the movie you need very quickly, and then watch it in high quality online. No downloads and no risk to get virus. All the movies we have go through antivirus check.

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