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Suicide Squad (2016)

Throughout the world, there are many dangerous criminals who will sit in prisons for the rest of their lives, but intelligence officer Amanda Waller thinks differently. What if we take the most dangerous criminals and make them a real team that can perform tasks of special importance. The Suicide Squad consisted of such characters: psychiatrist Harley Quinn, who, due to manipulations of the Joker, went insane, a killer who counts hundreds of lives Deadshot, gangster El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, cannibal with reptilian skin Killer Croc and master of ropes Slipknot. Suicide Squad gets a task: to carry out missions of international scale, but that none of them would want to escape, they are implanted into the neck with a nano-bomb, which can explode at any moment of disobedience or escape of one of the squad. The team of criminals has nothing to lose; they are ready to fulfill any task, this time the Suicide Squad will fight with Enchantress. They'll have losses, but thanks to their abilities, they can become a real and horrific Suicide Squad, for which death will become a gift, because they don't want to spend all their life in prison.

Hereditary (2018)

Annie lives with her daughter Charlie in her mother's house, which recently died. But everyone still feels her presence in the house. Annie's mother was a secretive and withdrawn woman who was associated with witchcraft. Now a woman needs to know the world of dark magic to get rid of her inherited destiny...

Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

After 20 years Mary Poppins returns, we'll see new and incredible adventures. Jane, Michael and three children lost the joy of life, but thanks to the magical abilities of Mary Poppins, she can help them regain a happy family life.

Mortal Engines (2018)

A mysterious young woman, Hester Shaw, emerges as the only one who can stop a giant, predator city on wheels devouring everything in its path. Feral, and fiercely driven by the memory of her mother, Hester joins forces with Tom Natsworthy, an outcast from London, along with Anna Fang, a dangerous outlaw with a bounty on her head.

Cold Pursuit (2019)

Quiet family man and hard-working snowplow driver Nels is the lifeblood of a glitzy resort town in the Rocky Mountains because he is the one who keeps the winter roads clear. He and his wife live in a comfortable cabin away from the tourists. The town has just awarded him "Citizen of the Year." But Nels has to leave his quiet mountain life when his son is murdered by a powerful drug lord. As a man who has nothing to lose he is stoked by a drive for vengeance. This unlikely hero uses his hunting skills and transforms from an ordinary man into a skilled killer as he sets out to dismantle the cartel. Nels' actions ignite a turf war between a manically unpredictable gangster known as Viking and a rival gang boss. Justice is served in one final spectacular confrontation that will leave (almost) no one unscathed.

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