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Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

All we know the cheerful Captain Jack Sparrow, until this moment he managed to do all that he had planned, but luck ended. Now Jack knows that Captain Salazar and his ghostly soldiers hunt him. Jack couldn't rob a bank, he doesn't have a ship, and now the whole team left him, what happens next? Captain Salazar's team escaped from the Devil's Triangle, and only the ancient artifact, Trident of Poseidon, can stop them, no one knew if it existed in reality, because with this artifact he'll control all the seas.

Action Point (2018)

D.C. decides to change the concept of his amusement park — Action Point. This unpopular and unknown place he decides to reconstruct on the principle: minimum safety — maximum fun. A lot of people who don't worry about their health and aren't afraid to get injured, go to a new park in search of new sensation.

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

One experiment went wrong, monkeys have acquired a human mind and managed to escape from the laboratory, now they live by their clan. Over the years, we have been fighting unceasingly with intelligent monkeys, but they want a mere peace existence, Caesar created peaceful times between mankind and monkeys. But peace didn't last long... The military decides that giving the planet to the monkeys is recklessness; they prepare all the weapons in order to fight the monkeys. Caesar did everything possible to conclude a truce, but a real war is coming, and we don't know who will be the winner in this battle.

Going in Style (2017)

Three friends Willie, Joe and Albert have lived a long life; they are real friends who spend all their time together. They live in New York in a small room, every day they watch TV, walk in the park during the day and wait for the next allowance. Once Joe came to the bank and became a hostage, unknown people robbed the bank, now he has some financial problems, but they need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Three friends were left without money, the situation was hopeless and none of them had violated the law before, but now they are ready to do everything to get their money back. After watching various programs on TV, Willy has an idea - why they can't rob a bank? Albert and Joe didn't support this idea, but Willie still has time to convince her friends. They begin to create a plan for robbery, alibis and think through all the details and to believe that they can rob a bank, first of all they decide to take out products from the store, but that was a bad idea. They'll have to turn to professionals who robbed the bank before, they need good preparation, but since they have nothing to lose in life, they are ready to accept any result of the robbery, no matter whether they succeed or not.

Smallfoot (2018)

People have been trying to see Bigfoot for many years, but what if they are also looking for us, and we are just a legend for them? At the top of the mountain lives a whole Bigfoot family, from generation to generation they talk about the existence of creatures with wild eyes, monstrous faces and ugly little feet. It's a legend, because everyone knows that Smallfoot is just a story...

Is something better than sitting comfortably in front of the screen and watching the movie with an exciting plot and unpredictable ending? Mystery movies from will give you such pleasure. Who did commit a crime? Who is a real killer? The answer seems to be obvious in the middle of the movie but new facts open up suddenly and everything turns upside down. The hero who seemed to commit a crime turns up to be the main victim. But who is a criminal in this case? You can crack this puzzle or just watch the mystery movie to the end.

Most of modern detectives are not the fiction of screenwriters but are based on the works of great writers. Remember Agatha Mary Clarissa Mallowan, better known as Agatha Christie for example. People are still intrigued by imaginary characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. The plot of these detective stories is extremely intricate and the end is often unpredictable. And it should be noted movies based on her works are of this kind. They tell the story perfectly and movie directors bring a lot of intrigue to it. The audience has a chance to go through the whole criminal investigation. The motives for the crime are different. Some murders are committed because of revenge, inheritance, temporary insanity. The criminals usually hide their motives and the police are wrapped around the finger until they go to the legendary detective for the help.

You can find psychological tension, drama, and sometimes even comedy elements in detective stories. Detectives always get to the truth. Such movies not always tell the events of the past. This genre of movies has its own sub-genre, for example, a fantasy detective can send you to the far future, and even to a fictional world. We can see the confrontation between different political forces in political detectives.

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